Thursday, December 23, 2010


Kids, I'm gonna call this an in-between topic, Because I just got flustered and decided to post it. I'm gonna be straight up with you here, I HATE liars. They are the worst people to walk the earth. Especially people who lie about loving someone.
&I'm not even talking about lying to YOU about loving YOU; I'm talking about lying to OTHER PEOPLE about loving YOU ! What could possibly be worse than that? I mean seriously; Grow a set. You don't look cool to your friends if you don't admit to loving your girlfriend, or even you ex, or whatever the case may be.
Who cares if you look whipped ! Your the one who even has a girlfriend ! Because the rest of your friends are probably faggots ! I'm just saying thats usually how it goes , am I right ?!
What in the dark horse's majestic journey ;
Do you think your doing when you go off and tell your friends that your just dating someone because What? THEY WERE JUST THERE AT THE TIME OF THE ASKING !? Sir, I dont know who the efffff you think you are, but you need to get your ducks in a row , sir ; and let me know when you grow uppp .
Obviously; this is about an ex. NOT Ben , me and Ben are perfecttt - For the record. (: <3
But,  for the recorddd as welllll ; this is general- It's a life lesson, that I want to teach you guys, so you don't make the same mistakes I have. (:
I'm just saying, Stop me if I'm wrong;
If I guy begins to deny his love for you to his friends- confront him. If he continues to do it- end it? I mean, honestly, Nothing is worth pain like that. Because it might not seem like much, but one someone tells you that they love you more than anything, and then they take that away from you after its over, or even during the relationship.. Than, Don't put up with that.
Show them who really does wear the pants in this relationship. &if you guys are already over, dont even half way start to show that is upsets you.
Give him the finger, and just walk away. 
Kids, your way way WAY better than that. I promise. Don't let anyone run over you, and win the best of you in the end.

Anna's philosophy of the day; Let people in, But dont let them win you over 100% until the end.

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