Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BREAKUP ; mine..

Ohk, as you alllllll know; Me and Ben aren't dating anymore as of 2/22/11. Yeah , On our anniversary. </3 Guys, all I want to do so badly, is sit here, and cry to you, about how badly it's killing me. How badly it's bringing me down.. But I'm not going to. I want to only be positive for you guys, so badly. You have to understand, the underlying details to really understand the whole breakup. Which I'm not going to get into at the moment. But what I do want to say, is that I love that boy, Benjamin, with all of my heart. There is no one else in this world that makes me happier. &I mean that. He made me who I am today. Stronger. &Maybe, Someday, Maybe someday soon, I can lift my head, and say, "You know, Thank you for making me stronger through this break up." - Dude, maybe i'll never say that. idunno. You can only hope. <3
All that i know is that I have made this decision; for myself; for you guys; It's time to say goodbye.
Thats my new "Life saying". It used to be. "Love is forever." Now, its; "It's time to say Goodbye."  - I'm very happy with the way those words sound, and just, are able to even come out of my mouth.
I haven't blogged in forever long, Only because, I didn't know what to tell you guys. I've like, failed, as relationship help; Because I couldn't even survive my own relationship... The one that was perfect for me, The one I wanted to be in forever..
I hope he reads this, No. I hope you guys just read this..
I've never been in so much pain. But love isn't always pain. Yes, Love is hard, it's the hardest thing, the hardest commitment, The hardest thing to hold on to.
But at the end of the day, Going to sleep and waking up just because someone wants to see you, and loves you, is worth all the pain, all the commitment, all the love in the world.

Love is difficult, I know it is. But it's also magical. I just want you guys to know that even though I'm broken at the moment, I'm always the same Anna, and Im always going to Love with all my heart; like I've never even been hurt. <3
- Because that's the best thing you could do. So, Lets do that.
&Lets find me a nice guy. (; (jk. maybeee. ;D )

Words of wisdom; It's time to say goodbye.
dude, P.S; i totally made that. by myself <3 ^

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