Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BREAKUP ; mine..

Ohk, as you alllllll know; Me and Ben aren't dating anymore as of 2/22/11. Yeah , On our anniversary. </3 Guys, all I want to do so badly, is sit here, and cry to you, about how badly it's killing me. How badly it's bringing me down.. But I'm not going to. I want to only be positive for you guys, so badly. You have to understand, the underlying details to really understand the whole breakup. Which I'm not going to get into at the moment. But what I do want to say, is that I love that boy, Benjamin, with all of my heart. There is no one else in this world that makes me happier. &I mean that. He made me who I am today. Stronger. &Maybe, Someday, Maybe someday soon, I can lift my head, and say, "You know, Thank you for making me stronger through this break up." - Dude, maybe i'll never say that. idunno. You can only hope. <3
All that i know is that I have made this decision; for myself; for you guys; It's time to say goodbye.
Thats my new "Life saying". It used to be. "Love is forever." Now, its; "It's time to say Goodbye."  - I'm very happy with the way those words sound, and just, are able to even come out of my mouth.
I haven't blogged in forever long, Only because, I didn't know what to tell you guys. I've like, failed, as relationship help; Because I couldn't even survive my own relationship... The one that was perfect for me, The one I wanted to be in forever..
I hope he reads this, No. I hope you guys just read this..
I've never been in so much pain. But love isn't always pain. Yes, Love is hard, it's the hardest thing, the hardest commitment, The hardest thing to hold on to.
But at the end of the day, Going to sleep and waking up just because someone wants to see you, and loves you, is worth all the pain, all the commitment, all the love in the world.

Love is difficult, I know it is. But it's also magical. I just want you guys to know that even though I'm broken at the moment, I'm always the same Anna, and Im always going to Love with all my heart; like I've never even been hurt. <3
- Because that's the best thing you could do. So, Lets do that.
&Lets find me a nice guy. (; (jk. maybeee. ;D )

Words of wisdom; It's time to say goodbye.
dude, P.S; i totally made that. by myself <3 ^

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Kids, I'm gonna call this an in-between topic, Because I just got flustered and decided to post it. I'm gonna be straight up with you here, I HATE liars. They are the worst people to walk the earth. Especially people who lie about loving someone.
&I'm not even talking about lying to YOU about loving YOU; I'm talking about lying to OTHER PEOPLE about loving YOU ! What could possibly be worse than that? I mean seriously; Grow a set. You don't look cool to your friends if you don't admit to loving your girlfriend, or even you ex, or whatever the case may be.
Who cares if you look whipped ! Your the one who even has a girlfriend ! Because the rest of your friends are probably faggots ! I'm just saying thats usually how it goes , am I right ?!
What in the dark horse's majestic journey ;
Do you think your doing when you go off and tell your friends that your just dating someone because What? THEY WERE JUST THERE AT THE TIME OF THE ASKING !? Sir, I dont know who the efffff you think you are, but you need to get your ducks in a row , sir ; and let me know when you grow uppp .
Obviously; this is about an ex. NOT Ben , me and Ben are perfecttt - For the record. (: <3
But,  for the recorddd as welllll ; this is general- It's a life lesson, that I want to teach you guys, so you don't make the same mistakes I have. (:
I'm just saying, Stop me if I'm wrong;
If I guy begins to deny his love for you to his friends- confront him. If he continues to do it- end it? I mean, honestly, Nothing is worth pain like that. Because it might not seem like much, but one someone tells you that they love you more than anything, and then they take that away from you after its over, or even during the relationship.. Than, Don't put up with that.
Show them who really does wear the pants in this relationship. &if you guys are already over, dont even half way start to show that is upsets you.
Give him the finger, and just walk away. 
Kids, your way way WAY better than that. I promise. Don't let anyone run over you, and win the best of you in the end.

Anna's philosophy of the day; Let people in, But dont let them win you over 100% until the end.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going the Distance .

I know that this is already a movie title ; But I had to use it while I talk to you about the all time favorite topic in relationship history - Long Distance Relationships . Now you all know that I love you guys , and you guys are my babies . But , Long distance relationships are probably the hardest relationships you guys can put yourselves through . I know you guys want to believe in hope, and trust; But long distance relationships are harder than you'll ever comprehend. 
-Trust- Any relationship has to have trust, regardless if you guys are neighbors, or live 20 states away from each other. But just because you have trust doesn't mean you can sustain a long distance relationship with someone, because sadly; jealousy usually seems to get the best of any person, and sets the long distance part of the relationship off on a bad foot. 
-Believing in one another- You have to have faith in the one you love, again, regardless of where you live. Faith is probably the most important part of a relationship to me. You have to have faith in the person you love, the person you respect.
Long distance is something I don't believe in. But I do believe in waiting.
I believe that if your in love with someone and they don't live near you at the moment due to something you can't help, you can wait for love. &Love will wait for you.
Believe it or not; If you have the faith , and the love , than time wont matter.
Keep in touch, make your visits as special as possible; and love with all you can while your with them. Thats all I'll tell you to do. I don't really believe in Long Distance Relationships.
At all, Because I feel like there ridiculous. /: I know that may hurt feelings. But, I really just don't think they exist. &thats only because 98% of the time; they fail.
- Kids, Love is love. You can't put time, or distance on a relationship. BUT, if your trying to put your relationship on a long term-long distance- relationship, I promise promise promise- It wont work out as well as you may think it will. /: &I know thats sad, and upsetting. But its the truth, and a lot of people think they will work out. But statistics show, they wont. </3
I'm sorry kids, but facts are facts.
- Please send your ideas/questions- all about relationships.
I love you kids-

Anna's philosophy of the day; Love has no time, &no distance. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Break Ups ;

The BIG problem for any relationship, am I right? The big No's -
-Over text message.
-Lame excuses.
-No explanation.
Now , stop me if i'm wrong, but those three things drive me crazy. &there is NOTHING worse than getting a text from your boyfriend saying "I cant do this anymore, i have too much stress from when my cat died. It was great while it lasted." ITS BEEN TWO WEEKS SINCE WE STARTED DATING ! THERE WAS NO "GREAT WHILE IT LASTED!" &YOUR CAT ISN'T DEAD! 
-Hmmm, There you go. A text message break up gone terribly wrong. xD Guys think there SO incredibly smart, but really... They're not.
-I want you to stop and think, How many times did you say it was YOUR fault? That you were the reason they left? 
+No. You were the reason the hung in as long as they did, Your the reason that they started the relationship at all. &that is something for you to always remember.
There is nothing I hate more when a guy starts a relationship going in, not really knowing if this is what they want. &trust me, not only have I been in relationships where that has happened, but I've helped friends through relationships just like that. 
I've been through so much, I know the roads of love like the back of my hands, sadly as you've probably heard so many times before;
Love is a two-way-street , kids -
&there is no other way to put that perfectly. You can't love someone, without the love in return. No matter if it's friendship, or relationships. Love is such a strong, and powerful word- No matters whos mouth it comes out of. 
That means -
- You don't plan on going anywhere (leaving them)
- Your not going to play games with their heads.
- Your not gonna let anything, and when i say ANYTHING, i really mean ANYTHING come in between you, and your significant other. The one you love.
Now, again; stop me if I'm wrong, but does it just piss you off when other people butt in your relationship, causing a break up?! I'm sorry, but; I'm dating Ben, most of you know that, who reads this that knows me; &Boys amazing, No doubt, But we broke up for a short period of time, because people wouldn't stop nudging at our relationship ! GTFO! (get the eff out) -
There is NO reason for you to care at all about me and my boyfriend! Am I right? Of course I am. A relationship consists of two people, Not two people and all of your friends, babe! danng!
^There is honestly nothing worse. 
&Don't even get me started with the "Hey babe, Wanna go to the movies?" "Oh sure!" Ohk, now your spending hours getting ready for your date, that ends up being you , your boyfriend , his bestfriend , his bestfriends bestfriend , that kids girlfriend, Her friend who brought three friends, and the neighbors dog. <- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORSE . Yeah , and to keep it with the subject , after putting you through that misery,  HE breaks up with YOU the next day ! What a let down of a relationship that became to be. 
Break ups are a sticky situation .
Most break ups with result in heart break , I understand , girls . Been there done that .
BUT , you have to act strong , am I right ? Instead of begging your boyfriend, well ex- to come back you need to call him and leave him a voice mail , telling him (without crying) how you deserve a real explanation, and how the break up doesn't matter, you just want answers.
Not only will that make him want you even more than he probably does, But it makes him really think about what he did, and why he did it. Theres only limited reasons for a person to break up with someone else. You can't help who you love. If you just don't feel it for that person. Explain that to them. Don't leave them hanging , boys . Thats the worst.
Yeah , plain and simple; I wont even get down into that. Because we all know ; if I guy is looking for a hit and run , DONT LET HIM HIT. He can run for nothing , or he can die trying to hit it (; keep him around girls ! Until finally, He gives up and falls for you anyway. Or gives up and leaves, HIS LOSS !
Always remember; in the run, it's his loss. never yours. NEVER. Your a woman, with a life, and your independent. You don't need him. But he probably needs you. (;

Girls, 'shit happens' &hearts will break, You have to be strong. Stronger than you even know you are. There is no other way for me to tell you that. I know I seem like I'm being hard on you, But you have to heed my advice to Y O U. Life is not burger king, You can't have it your way. (;

Anna's philosophy of the day ;
Go in with open eyes; &get ready for a ride.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Said Like Meant.

How many times a day to we tell someone we love them? Now, How many times a day to we mean it? Studies show that most teens, even some adults barely mean the worlds "I love you" when there said. Should that scare you? Eh, Not so much. (: A lot of words aren't meant when there said, like "I promise." "I swear." <- Things like that, Now, Stop me if I'm wrong, But, you hear this mostly from significant others. How many times have you heard that someone loves you, and then they stab you in the back? I have a boyfriend, and I care deeply for him, I worry! Oh man, I worry about the L word. Can I get an Amen. Say it like you mean it! For one, If you love someone, all you want is for them to love you back, am I right? Now; You worry when they don't say it, but once they do, your still worried, because you think; hmmm, does he mean it? Whats life like when your always worrying.
My philosophy; Say it When you feel it.
Should you follow my philosophy, I recommended so. &I feel like a fortune cookie when I say that, But your lucky numbers are... (;
Follow heart, not your footsteps, baby. Thats all I can tell you.
I've been through hell and back, ask me anything; I'll give you an answer.
Anna's Philosophy of the day ;
 Say it When you feel it. 
&Don't forget when you mean it. (;