Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going the Distance .

I know that this is already a movie title ; But I had to use it while I talk to you about the all time favorite topic in relationship history - Long Distance Relationships . Now you all know that I love you guys , and you guys are my babies . But , Long distance relationships are probably the hardest relationships you guys can put yourselves through . I know you guys want to believe in hope, and trust; But long distance relationships are harder than you'll ever comprehend. 
-Trust- Any relationship has to have trust, regardless if you guys are neighbors, or live 20 states away from each other. But just because you have trust doesn't mean you can sustain a long distance relationship with someone, because sadly; jealousy usually seems to get the best of any person, and sets the long distance part of the relationship off on a bad foot. 
-Believing in one another- You have to have faith in the one you love, again, regardless of where you live. Faith is probably the most important part of a relationship to me. You have to have faith in the person you love, the person you respect.
Long distance is something I don't believe in. But I do believe in waiting.
I believe that if your in love with someone and they don't live near you at the moment due to something you can't help, you can wait for love. &Love will wait for you.
Believe it or not; If you have the faith , and the love , than time wont matter.
Keep in touch, make your visits as special as possible; and love with all you can while your with them. Thats all I'll tell you to do. I don't really believe in Long Distance Relationships.
At all, Because I feel like there ridiculous. /: I know that may hurt feelings. But, I really just don't think they exist. &thats only because 98% of the time; they fail.
- Kids, Love is love. You can't put time, or distance on a relationship. BUT, if your trying to put your relationship on a long term-long distance- relationship, I promise promise promise- It wont work out as well as you may think it will. /: &I know thats sad, and upsetting. But its the truth, and a lot of people think they will work out. But statistics show, they wont. </3
I'm sorry kids, but facts are facts.
- Please send your ideas/questions- all about relationships.
I love you kids-

Anna's philosophy of the day; Love has no time, &no distance. 

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